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After watching an episode of the TV show "The Dragon's Den", the following day I made a sales pitch over the phone to a small business that struck a deal, which lead to surprise call on Christmas Eve 2009, which lead to MJW Transportation & Logistics Inc. moving the very first shipment on February, 22, 2010 (02.22.2010) from Toronto, On to Balzac, AB. I borrowed my friends truck to pick the goods up from a storage locker, palletized and labelled the freight and then paid by visa to have a carrier to line haul it out west to a distribution facility that supplies all the Canadian Tires Stores in Alberta and B.C.

A big thanks to Claudia and Wendy of Dig It Apparel Inc., for trusting and giving MJW the opportunity to start something awesome!


The MJW team is committed to our business, our clients, our suppliers, and our vendors to provide a high level of customer service, over and above what is requested. We are committed to treat your business as our own, and recognize and appreciate the costs related, the individuals within, and the hard work and dedication it takes to a make a business successful .

A big thanks to the MJW team, Bill, Donna, Candice, Karen, and Ania for being committed to MJW and helping to make our business a success!


The future of MJW lies within, it is in our experiences, our minds, our hearts, our achievements, our goals, and of course our dreams! Within our existing walls we have some of the best in the industry and we will all continue to work and grow and succeed and serve. We will continue to strengthen our relationships with our current clients, partners, suppliers, and vendors, while continue to reach out to new potential business partners and opportunities.

A big thank you to all of our family and friends, customers and carriers, business partners, vendors and suppliers, for your ongoing business, commitment and support to MJW and our team!